When you hear the word Miami, you might imagine sandy beaches, classic action films, and world class mojitos. While all of these are immortalized in Miami’s history, no one could ever truly describe what it’s like to live here. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to visit, you may have learned Miami is also a paradise for culturally thriving food, art, nightlife, and more. 

  Established in 1896, Miami is home to some of the countries most beautiful historical sites including; Vizcaya gardens, the Venetian pools, and a castle built from coral with an undying love story. Over time, the neighborhoods within would earn their own names such as Coral Gables, South Miami, Brickell, and the world famous art town, Wynwood. Less than 30 years after the city became official, Miami Beach would join the rankings and along with it, Art Deco Drive. The beaches earliest visitors include Frank Sinatra and the Beatles, and more recently has become an international attraction as the host of events such as the Miami International Boat Show, and the Food and Wine Festival.

  The beautiful history and celebrity sightings of South Beach may be second to none, but the extravagant architecture and futurism of downtown is likely to hold a relentless spot with many. Geometrically mind bending condos overlook the rooftop pools, while the neon lights from 24 hour night clubs glow softly below the window panes. The streets are painted with the creativity of students in the colleges nearby, and the best Churrasco in town is just a few floors down. It’s no wonder downtown Miami and Brickell are often the final choice in Miami real estate for professionals, students, and couples worldwide migrating to Florida.  Regardless of where you decide to rent or purchase a home in the city, you will always be within 30 minutes of South Beach, Coconut Grove, Brickell, and Bayside, and public transit is available until late night. 

  Each year, hundreds of people from all over the world pay thousands of dollars to experience Miami. Whether you’re waking up to the beautifully painted Wynwood Walls or the vine shaded rooftops of a Coral Gables home, Melissa has you covered from the moment you make the decision to move to the day you hang your very first painting, even if you have purchased an unfinished housing development. A long time resident herself, Melissa knows the nooks and crannies of this paradise city and has over 4 years experience finding the best deal without pardoning the desire for supreme amenities. 

  With over 460,000 residents that call Miami home, the need for choice is constantly growing and evolving. What was once the perfect home is now particularly tight for a family of four, and the big city bachelor pad no longer appeals to their children’s growing needs. As life blesses us with these changes, we crave more space, convenience, and relaxation. Miami real estate has grown to well over 20,000 complete homes and units, and undeveloped housing waits patiently in the skyline with cranes and reflective panoramic windows for your pleasure. 

  Tri-county Miami is most desirable for it’s jobs, public transport, and schools. Including the neighborhoods of Palm beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, there are currently over 140,000 units breaking ground. Proposed projects include the two tallest buildings in South florida, “The Towers” and “One Bayfront Plaza,” both proposed at a massive 1,049 feet. The buildings are set to house a mixture of living space and businesses, allowing residents access to better daycare, schools, jobs, and most importantly, coffee shops. In the meantime, take a look at a few of our favorite properties becoming available and their descriptive neighborhood summaries. To view more neighborhoods, floorplans, and photos, check out our MLS search!


Most similar to New York City, Brickell is home to hundreds of multi-level offices, studios, and lunch break favorites. It’s properties often offer the most advanced amenities on the market that will leave you feeling like the Jetsons. Brickell City Center is home to dozens of luxury brands and award winning eats. 

*Brickell City Centre – Rise

*Echo Brickell

*Flatiron – Brickell

*SLS LUX Brickell

Coconut Grove:

In 2017, this classic bayside town began construction to become a world class entertainment destination. While offering living units, offices, and a centralized location, it’s main appeal is shopping and vibrant nightlife. The architecture here is set to include a condo made almost of glass, offering it’s residents a panoramic view of the bay. 


*Grove at Grand Bay

*Park Grove

*The Fairchild


Known for it’s beautiful art and underground shops, Wynwood has taken on a Los Angeles appeal among residents, tourists, and celebrities alike. As the host for worldwide art and music events, it’s become an icon across the globe and new ideas are being added daily.

*250 Wynwood

*BuenaVista Villas

South Beach:

Aside from its historical popularity as a Hollywood town, South Beach is actually one of the best places to settle down. Residents enjoy a morning stroll to the world famous “News Cafe” with their dogs, while tourists quietly pass by in their bucket hats with looks of relaxation on their faces. The white sand is just minutes away from civilization, allowing residents to skip the traffic and catch some waves.

*Eleven on Lenox

*Fasano Shore Club

*Glass/120 Ocean Condos

*Louver House Residences


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